Four Cupids, 2016 (Wood, Wax, Plaster and Paint)
Maquette (Three Parts), 2016 (Wax, Wire and Found Objects)
Maquette (Pieta), 2014
Small Maquette for a Chateau, 2017 Digital Mock up and Original (Rubber Tubes, Wire and Paint)
Maquette (Cube), 2016 (Wood, Plaster, Foam)
Desert Mass, 2017 (Digital mock up of a maquette)
Maquette (Three Parts), 2015
Leaning One Maquette (Paper and Paint) and Digital Mock Up
Maquette for a Sculpture to be Changed Daily, 2012 (Fabric and Sand)
Cupid, 2008 (Wax, Paint, String, Found Statuette)
Maquette, 2010
Stacked Paintings, 2014
Maquette (Rose Stems), 2014
Maquette, 2016
Ascent (Nails and String)
Maquette (Sphere), 2017 (Printed Plastic)
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