Notes on the series:

The title of this show is a bit of a personal joke, since these are older photos that I completely reinvented.  They are landscapes that never really existed.  I think of them as painterly as they were built up in layers and retouched over a long period of time.  As with a painting, when I scan over the surfaces of these photographs I can see pentimenti… the little traces of textures and layers that were largely covered and removed during the process.

 I have been working on a larger group of “landscapes” based on small-scale sculptures.  In the process of looking for references I started going through my older negatives.  I kept finding photographs that seemed to me as if they were shot by someone else.  They had a romantic, postcard effect… or a sense of being dutiful tourist shots.  They were “blank” to me and whenever I see that kind of picture I feel a desire to alter it… so I started to do just that.  I wanted to push them towards a much more personal place.

 These “photographs” are highly manipulated, edited and fictional.  Each is built from numerous exposures and is untethered to the reality of the scene of the scene as it was photographed.  My starting goal was often a complete reversal of the lighting, weather and mood of the original shots.  Throughout the series I happily make references to photo history: early color photographs, the red shift of old slides, the panorama format, tricolor process, Pictorialism.  I love seeing how the technical processes of older printing methods alter colors, add textures and give a surreal mood to the scene.  

 Each work is intended to hover in an indeterminate area, both stylistically and technically.I wanted them to exist in their own, slippery space that leaves the viewer unsure as to what they are seeing, how it might have been altered, or how to best categorize it.My photography involves a great deal of playing with the viewer and this series grew from that impulse.