Dissolves Series, 2016 (Polaroid Prints)
Dissolves (Detail), 2016
Dissolves (Detail), 2016
Cupid (Jammed Xerox), 2016 (Toner Suspended in Plastic Resin)
David & Pamela, 2016 (Stamped developer on exposed darkroom paper)
Bouquet, 2019
Cupid (Broken Laser Printer Composite), 2016
The End, 2018 (Found film frame, printed on metal)
Stamp, 2016 (Object)
Bouquet, 2015 (Collaged Polaroid Prints)
Dark Spring, 2012 (Animated Version)
Portrait Animation, 2018 (GIF Animation)
Untitled, 2017 (Photograph printed through poured plastic)
David & Pamela, 2016 (Inkjet on Found Paper)
Encyclopedia of Roses, 2016 (Inkjet Monoprints on Board)
Speaking TV Animation, 2017 (Gif Animation)
Night Forest, 2011 (Photo on Canvas)
Long Sentence Sculpture Manipulations, 2007/2016
Cy in a Hallway, 2011 (4 Bleached Silver Gelatin Prints)
Cotact Sheet Dress for Maia, 2017 (Fabric Dress)
Untitled, 2016 (Metallic Darkroom Print, Wood and Nails)
Emulsion Manipulation Prints, 2011 (Silver Gelatin Prints)
Lenticular Portrait Card, 2017 (Multiple)
A Dozen Rolls of Film Documenting a Dozen Roses Dying Over a Dozen Days, 2009 (Exposed Film, Stamped Metal Canisters)
Desk Portrait, 2016 (Inkjet Monoprint, Wood)
I Never Learned to Tell an Anecdote, 2007 (6 Inkjet Prints)
Desk Sculpture, 2017 (Ink suspended in plastic resin, wood)
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