Little Paper Desk Sculpture, 2010 (Paper and Tape).jpg
Maquette/Stacked, 2015 (Spray Paint and Plaster)
Positionable Desk Sculpture, 2012
Maquette/Sphere, 2017 (Plastic)
Leaning One, 2016 (Paper sculpture, original photograph, California)
Maquette: 9 Resin Buddhas with Dripped Resin, 2016
Mock up: A way to Display Photos in a Hotel, 2017
Proposal for a beach ball sculpture to float in the Getty Museum Pool, 2017 (Digital image)
Maquette/Cube, 2016 (Plaster, Wood, Paint)
Coil, 2017 (Plastic sculpture / found photo)
Little Never Learned Mock Up, 2016.jpg
Sentence Mock Up, 2011/17 (Rubber & wire sculpture and found photograph, NYC)
Chateau Sculpture Mock Up, 2017 (Wire and rubber sculpture, found photograph)
Mock up for a Neon Sculpture, 2015
4 Minimalist Spheres to Spin Off-Axis, 2017
Ascent, 2006 (Nails, Spray Paint, String)
Four Parts Gray, 2017 (Plaster, Paint)
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