Leaning One, 2016 (Paper sculpture, original photograph, California)
Four Cupids, 2016 (Wood, Wax, Plaster and Paint)
Proposal for a beach ball sculpture to float in the Getty Museum Pool, 2017 (Digital image)
Coil, 2017 (Plastic sculpture / found photo)
Maquette/Pieta, 2014 (White Wax and Found Resin Sculpture)
Desk Sculpture, 2017 (Mixed Media)
Mock up: A way to Display Photos in a Hotel, 2017
Maquette/3 Parts, 2016 (Wax, Wire, Found Objects)
Maquette/Cube, 2016 (Plaster, Wood, Paint)
Stacked Painting, 2014 (Oil on Boards in Plastic Container)
Positionable Desk Sculpture, 2012
Little Never Learned Mock Up, 2016.jpg
Maquette (Leaning One), 2016
Sentence Mock Up, 2011/17 (Rubber & wire sculpture and found photograph, NYC)
Chateau Sculpture Mock Up, 2017 (Wire and rubber sculpture, found photograph)
Mock up for a Neon Sculpture, 2015
4 Minimalist Spheres to Spin Off-Axis, 2017
Maquette/Sphere, 2017 (Plastic)
Maquette/Stacked, 2015 (Spray Paint and Plaster)
Little Paper Desk Sculpture, 2010 (Paper and Tape).jpg
Wrapped Cupid, 2008 (Found Sculpture, Paint and String)
Ascent, 2006 (Nails, Spray Paint, String)
Four Parts Gray, 2017 (Plaster, Paint)
Maquette, 2016 (Photogram and Glue)
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