Praxiteles Boy, 2010
Sculpture Park One, 2015
Wall Drawing One, 2015
Bald Man, 2010
Blind Boy, 2005
Skeleton / Deformed Man, undated
Superhero, 2014
Tuesday Figures, 2009
Reclining Woman, 2013
TV, 2006
Boy, 2009
Descent, 2014
Boy, 2010
Flowers, 2014
2 Snakes Who Just Ate 2 Mice, 2013
Angry Man, 2010
Woman, 2014
Quick Man with Broken Nose, 2014
Two Bunnies, 2012
Sculpture Sketches, undated
String Sculpture Sketches, undated
Broken Guitar, undated
k copy.jpg
o copy.jpg
Man in a Tie, 2009.jpg
Man in Tie- Used to Be Sitting, 2009.jpg
Man Moved to the Right with Two Head Positions, 2009.jpg
Man with Hands on Lap, 2009.jpg
n.lacoon and his sons 2009.jpg
No Title, 2009.jpg
Nude Man in a Chair, 2009.jpg
p. Grab 2009.jpg
Portrait of Ernie, 2004.jpg
Quick Man with Broken Nose, 2014.jpg
Quick Man, 2014.jpg
St Jerome in the Wilderness, 2014.jpg
Two Part Man- Both Parts with Ties, 2009.jpg
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